This is the bunny that started it all, then dissapeared without a trace.


In the beginning, there was one bunny. Nobody knows where he came from. He decided to create a universe. He created the original six bunnies, who created the universe as we don't know it.

The Bunny of RealityEdit

To begin, the Bunny of Beginnings created the Bunny of Reality. Unfortunately, the bunny's molecular structure was too unstable, so it split into two bunnies, the Bunny of Time and the Bunny of Space. They created all the empty areas and filled them with tiny particles. They then made the particles move over time.

The Bunny of GravityEdit

You know how I mentioned all those microscopic particles? Well the Bunny of Gravity created gravity sinks of varying powerfulness and all the particles clumped together to form planets and stars and black holes and quasars and galaxies.

The Bunny of LightEdit

The fourth bunny to be created was the Bunny of Light. This bunny brought warmth and light to the universe because it seemed cold and unforgiving.

The Bunny of LifeEdit

The Bunny of Beginnings wanted more movement and feeling to his universe, so he created the Bunny of Life. She added trees and plants and flowers and flora and fauna and tiny little microbes.The Bunny of Beginnings asked her to create a species in his honor. These were the Bono Sapiens, or intelligent Bunnies.

The Bunny of PowerEdit

The final bunny created by the Bunny of Beginnings was the Bunny of Power . He was intended to watch over the other five to make sure they didn't go out of control. Unfortunately, this plan backfired as the Bunny of Power got out of control. After that, the Bunny of Beginnings dissapeared, never to be seen again.

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